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yin yang mandala

Pep Talks and Promises:
(an alphabetized conversation between Hall’s cough drop wrappers and Dove chocolate wrappers)

Be unstoppable.                                  Be fearless.
Buckle down and push forth.       Believe in love at first sight, just in case!
Conquer today.           Break the mold, be extraordinary!
Don’t try harder. Do harder!        Close your eyes and relax.
Don’t waste a precious minute.             Decorate your life.
Dust off and get up.                   Do all things with love.
Elicit a few “wows” today.           Even small celebrations deserve a dance.
Fire up those engines!                      Feel the sun on your face.
Flex your “can do” muscle.          Forget the rules and play by your heart.
Get back in the game.                 Get a good night’s sleep.
Get back in there, champ!                    Indulge your sense of amusement.
Go for it.              It’s definitely a bubble bath day.
Inspire envy.                                It’s OK to not do it all.
It’s yours for the taking.              Laugh, laugh, and laugh some more.
Let’s hear your battle cry.            Listen to your heart and dance.
March forward!               Live in the present, forgive your past.
Nothing you can’t handle.                Live your dreams.
Power through!                        Lose yourself in a moment.
Push on!                      Love like there is no tomorrow.
Put a little strut in it.                          Send your best friend flowers.
Put your game face on.                 Simply be, rather than do, for a moment.
Seize the day.              Sing along with the elevator music.
Take charge and mean it.            Someone is thinking of you right now.
Tough is your middle name.              Take time out for a catnap.
Turn “can do” into “can did!”           Think of every day as a Sunday.
You can do it and you know it.           Think without boundaries.
You’ve survived tougher.                                 You make everything lovely.