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You Need to Know This (a found poem)

Enlarge your pole with wonder pills
Cumming has never been stronger
Your package is set to grow
Your love tool is set to thrill
Nothing beats a huge stick
You need to know this

Disappointed at your lack of performance?
Stop being a nervous wreck
Don’t embarrass yourself in bed again
Get the manhood you’ve always desired
Big self-esteem makes her crazy
Be the master of the bed

Get huge and scare off the competition
Scare people with your tool today
Rectify your manhood issues easily
Impress all in the locker room
Power pack your tool in your pants
Size DOES matter

Smell sweeter below the belt
Evoke your girl’s delight
Make her the queen of the world
Stop leaving your partner dissatisfied
Give her the best of you
Have the pecker of her dreams

She will surely pounce on you
She will not be able to resist
She will want MORE of you
Hitting her g-spot everytime
Make her come again and again
Never let her down again

Attract the RIGHT girls with wonder pills
Your erection will become huge
So hard you can break an egg
Every cunt is tight after having that size
Hear ladies scream in bed
Leave a lasting impression

Rock her hard on your first date
Turn her into a pleasure machine
Give her more of your love rod
Give her what she deserves
She’ll swallow if you take this
Because she wants it

This is totally unbelievable
Certified by doctors
Fantastic results for length and girth
Why waste any more time
This is not a myth
You need to know this